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FOCUS March 2019 Volume 95

Taking Action


In many cases, human rights violation or abuse leads to disempowerment. Many remain silent for fear of suffering more violation or abuse. But there are also cases of inaction and fear evolving into confidence and resolve to address the injustice suffered. Their actions in turn gain support from other groups in society.

There are also cases of groups in society that highlight the injustice being suffered by the silent victims, and help them get empowered. 

Society plays a part on both sides of issue. Societal prejudice leads to isolation and abuse of people who have “problems.” This is seen in the case of people suffering from discrimination due to health conditions. But it is also the society that can address the injustice by changing its perspective and stopping practices that cause human rights abuse. It must be recognized though that societal change is not easily attainable. 

Key to the change of societal perspective is the recognition of the injustice being suffered. And again, this change does not happen without actions being taken first either by the victims, or groups in society that help them.