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Human Rights, Essential to US ALL!Celebrating 70 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Panel :Everyone should be respected, everyone should have dignity.
  • Panel :Everyone should be respected, everyone should have dignity.
  • Panel :Everyone should be respected, everyone should have dignity.

≫  HURIGHTS OSAKA aims to promote human rights in the Asia-Pacific through collection and dissementation of information on, about and for human rights. In partnership with institutions in the region and beyond, HURIGHTS OSAKA seeks fulfillment of human rights in the societies of Asia and the Pacific.

Human Rights in Japan

Jinken, the Japanese word for human rights, appeared in the late 19th century. Yukichi Fukuzawa, a famous Japanese intellectual, coined the term at a time when Japan was opening up to European and American ideas and technology. Despite a...

Human Rights Education

The words "human rights education" became more widely used in Asia-Pacific only during the decade of the 1990s. But its practice had started in many Asian and Pacific countries decades before the words "human rights education" became popular. Educational...

Human Rights Centers

The HURIGHTS OSAKA Directory of Human Rights Centers in the Asia-Pacific1 defines a human rights center as an institution engaged in gathering and dissemination of information related to human rights. The information refers to the international human rights instruments,...

Human Rights Declarations

Ancient declarations in Asia that speak of rights, freedom, and justice were mainly those of political leaders. Cyrus of the Persian civilization is credited for proclaiming freedom of religion and freedom from enslavement. The small clay cylinder known as...

Human Rights & Jurisprudence

A notable number of decisions of the highest courts in Asia-Pacific countries discuss human rights in relation to local situations. These judicial applications of the international human rights standards provide an important guide for governments in fulfilling human rights...

Special Concerns

HURIGHTS OSAKA has observed over the years a number of significant concerns regarding the human rights field in the Asia-Pacific. These concerns range from the so-called “human rights defenders,” to human rights mechanisms in various forms and levels, to...