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III. Research reports

  • Bridging Human Rights Principles and Business Realities in Northeast Asia (Kuala Lumpur/Osaka: HURIGHTS OSAKA and SIRD, 2014)
  • Law, Jurisprudence and Human Rights in Asia (Kuala Lumpur/Osaka: HURIGHTS OSAKA and SIRD, 2011)

 a. Indonesia Report

Pendidikan Hak Asasi Manusia Pada Sekolah-Sekolah Di Indonesia: Sebuah Tinjauan Awal   (Bahasa Indonesia)

b. Lao PDR Report

Both Lay Ngan - Sitthi Manout Nay Kansiuksa (Lao language)

Report – Human Rights in Education (English)

  • Educational Policies and Human Rights Awareness - Japan, India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka [(Delhi: Academic Excellence, 2008)] (Copies available through online booksellers)

a. Human Rights Education in Indian Schools [Arjun Dev, Dinesh Sharma, D. Lahiry (Delhi: Academic Excellence, 2007)] (Copies available through online booksellers)

b. Human Rights Education in Philippine Schools: Analysis of Education Policies and Survey of Human Rights Awareness [Lolita H. Nava, Zenaida Q. Reyes, Maria Carmela T. Mancao, Maria Victoria C. Hermosisima, and Felicia I. Yeban (Manila: Philippine Normal University, 2006)]

c. Educational Policies and Human Rights Awareness: Linking Two Ends of the Human Rights Education Spectrum (Japanese)

  • Human Rights in Asian Cultures – Continuity and Change [Osaka/Delhi: Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center, 1997] (Copies available through online booksellers)


IV. Teaching-learning and training materials

  • South Asian Teachers and Human Rights Education - A Training Resource Material (Delhi/Osaka: Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center, 2009) (Copies available through online booksellers)


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