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FOCUS December 2018 Volume 94

Doing Business the Right Way


The current interest among big business enterprises on human rights is important in raising the standard of their operations. By respecting human rights, big business enterprises are subscribing to what are considered to be global standards, whose compliance has previously been considered as solely state duty. 

The current view of going beyond the state duty framework and making business enterprises assume the responsibility of respecting human rights should make significant impact in the business world. This should redefine how business is done in the right way.

But there are challenges to face. Representatives of big business enterprises may attend all the international conferences on business and human rights and issue declarations and policies supporting human rights and yet human rights abuses would still occur at the business operations level. What measures are needed to ensure that human rights abuses do not occur in business operations?

Misunderstanding of human rights among corporate leaders and officials and restrictive or permissive political environments hinder the realization of respect for human rights at the operations level.

Obviously, big and small business enterprises have to do more for human rights.

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