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FOCUS Archives

FOCUS June 2014 Volume Vol. 76

Human Rights Events in the Asia-Pacific

Mekong Workshop on Global Citizenship Education

The Sub-regional Workshop in Mekong Cluster - EIU: Global Citizenship Education for a Culture of Peace and Sustainability held on 17-19 June 2014 in Yangon introduced the new United Nations project on Global Citizenship Education (GCE). The new project aims to promote education that equips learners to be creative and responsible global citizens. This represents an emerging perspective on education on empowering students to enable them to assume active roles in resolving global challenges. Educators from Mekong countries (Cambodia, Burma/Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, Vietnam) and Singapore attended the subregional workshop. They discussed how GCE could be integrated into the curriculum of teacher education institutions as well as into the school system as a whole. The keynote speech was given by the Chairperson of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, U Wim Mra. Human rights were discussed in relation to GCE values and practice.
The workshop was jointly organized by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Bureau for Education (UNESCO Bangkok) and the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU).

For further information, please contact: Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU), 120, Saemal-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 152-050; ph (82-2) 774-3933; fax (82-2) 774-3958; e-mail :;

2014 Asian Symposium on Human Rights Education

A three-day 2014 Asian Symposium on Human Rights Education will be held to provide an interdisciplinary platform for academics, researchers, policy makers, human rights advocates, students and professionals. With the theme “Human Rights: The Road to Reform,” he symposium will promote a greater understanding and access to human rights and help to equalize the process of globalization. The symposium will deal with problems that are widespread and complex, challenging customs and prejudices that are deeply ingrained in the social fabric of
a society. Systematic discrimination and inequality affecting women, indigenous people, and minorities, to name a few, in many parts of the world, that result in varying degrees of abuse, violence, inadequate wages, forced labor, suppression of speech, and overall disempowerment will be discussed.
The symposium will be held in Hiroshima city on 2-4 August 2014 and is being organized by Presda Foundation.

For further information, please contact: Office of the Secretariat, Presda Foundation; e-mail :;

2014 Asian Girl Human Rights Award

The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) has launched the 2014 Asian Girl Human Rights Award. Nominees have to have the following qualifications: 1) Demonstrated outstanding achievement in the area of Asian girls' human rights and community development; 2) Inspiring survivors of trafficking, abuse, trauma, disability, violation of human rights, or other tragedies; 3) Commitment to the values of gender-equity and ability to raise social awareness on the issue; 4) Leadership experience or desire to contribute to and improve the leadership potential of the civil society sector, particularly for girls' rights; 5) Innovation in the arena of policy development and application; 6) Eagerness to lead debates and discussions during the Exchange Program of GOH; 7) Commitment to follow-up activities; 8) 18 years old or younger; and 9) Ability to interact in the English language. Nomination can be sent until 9 am (Taiwan time) on 31 August 2014, visit

For more information, please contact: Lilian Yap, Asian Girl Campaign Coordinator, The Garden of Hope Foundation, 1F, No. 2-1, Shun-an St., Xindian District, New Taipei City 23143 Taiwan; ph (886-2) 8911-8595; e-mail :;