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FOCUS March 2014 Volume Volume 75



There are likely thousands of people who went missing in some parts of Asia over the years. Families are still waiting for information about their missing loved ones, with a weak hope that their governments would extend help.
People suspect the involvement of state agents in most of these cases, making the missing persons victims of enforced disappearance.
Are the concerned governments willing to find out how these people disappeared and where they are at the moment? If they had been killed, would their bodies be found and given back to their families? In case they are still alive, will they be able to return home and rejoin their families?
Are the current remedy or justice mechanisms capable of holding accountable those responsible for the enforced disappearances?
Is it realistic to expect the concerned governments to muster the political will to formally recognize the existence of enforced disappearances, do whatever is necessary to give justice to the victims, and take appropriate measures to prevent their occurrence in the future?
Many questions exist, and answers remain elusive.