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Waseda University Promotion of Diversity Declaration

“Respect each other, respect equality and diversity”

Waseda University has since its foundation opened its gates widely to a great variety of people, both domestic and foreign. Moreover, in advance of the 150th anniversary of our foundation, which will be celebrated in 2032, the University formulated Waseda Vision 150, with the aim of dramatically improving the quality of education and research, while continuing to be Asia’s leading university in our contributions to the world.

Nonetheless, as far as the promotion of diversity in education, research, and employment at the University is concerned, much remains to be done. If we are to make our new vision a reality, we must create an environment in which all members of the University, their dignity and their diverse values and lifestyles being respected, can make the most of their individuality and abilities, regardless of sex, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, creed, age, and so on.

In order to achieve this aim, Waseda University hereby declares that it will conduct innovative education and research activities by gathering a wealth of knowledge; that it believes that contributing to the development of society is the University’s mission; and that it will strive to respect and promote diversity.

Basic Policies for the Promotion of Diversity

1. Waseda University will raise awareness concerning the promotion of diversity, and will strive to ensure that in its decision-making processes, the variety of opinion among all members of the University is respected.

2. Waseda University will provide an educational, research, and working environment in which work-life balance can be achieved, so that all members of the University are able to make the most of their individuality and abilities.

3. Waseda University will provide support systems for those members of the University who need reasonable accommodation.

4. Waseda University will promote the building of the University community and staff development from a diversity perspective.

July 1, 2017
Waseda University

Source: Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity