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41 individuals were recognized as Refugees in Japan in 2007

 On 15 February 2008 the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice of Japan announced a summary concerning refugee recognition, including the number of people Japan recognized as refugees in 2007. According to the announcement, 816 foreign nationals applied for refugee status, which was 138 fewer than in 2006. From these, 41 were recognized, which was an increase of 7 people over the previous year. 4 of those gained the status through the process of raising an objection.
 500 applicants were from Myanmar and 76 were from Turkey, together representing 70% of the total number of applicants. Of these, 35 Myanmarese were recognized as refugees, representing 85% of the total number of people who gained refugee status.
 Moreover, 88 were given special permission to stay for humanitarian reasons (including 69 Myanmarese and 7 Turks), although they were not recognized as refugees.
 362 foreign nationals (195 Myanmarese, 51 Turks, 24 Sri Lankans, and others) raised appeals to not being recognized as refugees. (25 February 2008)

·Ministry of Justice press release "Situation of Refugee Recognition in 2007" (15 February 2008) [Japanese]