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FOCUS March 2024 Volume Volume 115

Four Stories


Magdalena almost lost hope of becoming a citizen of her father's country. But she finally realized her dream after decades of uncertainty. Lavinia sells vegetables and fruits harvested in her farm. With additional skills of processing her produce to increase their value, she earns more for the family. Ruksana and her family barely survive by making garments at home. With government ration for poor families like hers being limited to rice and wheat, other needs have to be bought.

Stella finds solace in writing poems to express her thoughts and feelings as a person with a disability. Her poems are messages embodying the hope of people with disabilities to be treated as equals and with respect by others.

These women have to empower themselves in one form or another to face their difficulties. Lavinia and Ruksana have to work hard to support their families. Stella had to develop her literary skill to promote respect for people with disabilities. Nanay Magdalena had to endure raising her children alone.

These are stories of enduring hardship and overcoming barriers. These stories represent those who have to struggle to live in dignity and gain respect for their rights.

These are stories of women.