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  5. Celebrating the 100th Issue of FOCUS Asia-Pacific and Acting on SDGs

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FOCUS June 2020 Volume 100

Celebrating the 100th Issue of FOCUS Asia-Pacific and Acting on SDGs


A celebration...

HURIGHTS OSAKA is celebrating the 100th issue of this newsletter. We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate the individuals and institutions in Asia and the Pacific whose articles for more than two decades shed light on emerging issues and concerns on human rights of their peoples and project the diversity of views and invaluable experiences that sustain the protection, promotion and realization of human rights in the region. The article of Mr Osamu Shiraishi, the President of HURIGHTS OSAKA, provides the context of this celebration.

On SDGs...

Are the Social Development Goals (SDGs) achievable? Are our SDG achievements so far significant? Hard questions. There are answers, but some are not pleasant to hear.

Sixteen global problems have to be solved, at least substantially, by 2030 with the help of international cooperation (Goal 17). These global problems are well-entrenched in our systems that they remain a huge challenge to all. Yet we still have to do what is needed. We still have to act to address them.

Problems ranging from abusive behavior of people in public places that compromise women's security such as in Okayama prefecture, abuse of foreign migrant workers who serve the economy in Southeast Asia, and deep-seated discrimination against sections of society such as Islamophobia in India are problems in our communities as much as global problems that we have to face.

If we have to act on these problems, we have to take concrete steps no matter how small. If our governments have to solve the problems they have to have the political will to implement the practical measures that have long been laid before them.