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FOCUS December 2019 Volume 98

Regional Human Rights Work


Work at the level of a region such as Asia and/or the Pacific is an essential component of the structure of human rights protection, promotion and realization. Complementarity of work at the international, regional, subregional, national and local levels defines this structure.

For a non-governmental organization (the Asian Coalition on Housing Rights), regional work facilitates networking among "communities, cities and countries" that makes all its member-groups' in the region [become] part of a movement, work with full support and full access to a region-wide pool of community experts and support professionals, and part of an international network that provides inspiration and a powerful political leverage that proves what people can do by themselves."
For a subregional inter-governmental institution (ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights), "not only the ASEAN member-states’ political will to take the necessary measures is needed but also the participation of all stakeholders" for its work to become meaningful.

Regional work is effective when it involves, and has impact on, people, their institutions and communities.

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