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FOCUS December 2013 Volume Volume 74

Justice and Business


The economic development of any country depends to a very large extent on the contribution of the business community. A large section of the population derives livelihood from business activities, with the companies providing employment to many people.
However, the problems arising from company operations that qualify as human rights abuses cannot be ignored. Companies’ lack of respect for and protection of workers’ rights continue to occur. Company operations that fail to apply adequate safety measures exist, resulting in human rights abuses affecting people as workers or as residents around company premises.
It is in this context that the initiatives of the United Nations and other institutions on the application of human rights standards in company operations is a welcome development.
These initiatives should be the bases of attention on the dispute resolution mechanisms, within or outside the company systems, that are meant to cover human rights abuses.
How are these problems resolved? Do the dispute resolution mechanisms that exist apply the human rights standards?
There is always room for improvement in the task of serving justice while doing business.