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FOCUS June 2010 Volume 60

Role of Law


The purpose of law is to serve justice. Law is one of the many instruments of society towards achieving peace, progress and security.

History tells us that law has been used as a tool of the rich and the powerful to control wealth and politics, suppress those who dissent, and oppress the weak and the vulnerable.

The emergence of international legal standards is significant in providing a guide to determining how law could serve its purpose. The development of international human rights standards is important in broadening the discussion of law and justice, and providing stronger argument for the role of the people in determining the rules of society – mainly the laws that affect their daily lives and govern those entrusted with the power to serve both the individuals and the society.

The international human rights standards are still nebulous ideas to many people – despite the fact that their own governments adopted them. These standards provide concrete measures that States are expected to adapt into their laws and judicial processes. These standards are bases for people’s demand for respect, protection and realization of their rights to peace, progress and security.

But there is still a long way to go. There is much work to do to make the law that subscribes to international human rights standards rule every society.

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