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FOCUS June 2007 Volume 48



Caste-based/caste-like discrimination has been very persistent despite the passage of laws prohibiting it and the implementation of special programs to help the discriminated overcome the problem

The persistence of this form of discrimination is a sign that those who support the discriminatory practice still do not accept its adverse effects on the victims. Some probably still believe that the victims deserve such discriminatory treatment. Hopefully, on the other hand, the victims do not see caste-based/caste-like discrimination as ordained fate

This form of discrimination is also persistent as it mutates into cyberspace hate crime

How can this social problem causing very dire consequences to victims be fully eliminated? How much more must be done to erase it from the societal fabric?

To such a persistent problem, a persistent approach is needed. There is no possibility of eliminating it by mere legal and even socio-economic measures. There must be persistence in finding other ways of addressing the problem, and persistence in implementing old and new measures over time

In the end, the elimination of caste-based/caste-like discrimination is dependent on the whole society's move towards respect for the humanity of the victims as much as recognition of the inhumanity of the discriminatory practice.

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