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FOCUS September 2005 Volume 41


Three entries from Pakistan, Malaysia and Japan won the HURIGHTS OSAKA Award 2005 for International Human Rights Education Materials. The award-winning materials are among the 60 entries sent by 37 organizations. This year's entries include supplementary reading materials, comic books, worksheets, videos, CDs, DVDs, short movies, powerpoint presentations, website contents, programs for performances, and comprehensive training programs.

The following are the winning materials: (in alphabetical order)

  1. Gender and Human Rights (Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center: Japan)
  2. Kaleidoscope Primers - School text for teaching gender equality, human rights and peace (Simorgh Women's Resource & Publication Centre: Pakistan)
  3. OK Tak OK (Women's Centre for Change: Malaysia)

Gender and Human Rights

This a workshop teaching material consisting of a workbook (Gender and Human Rights) and a user manual. The workbook, developed by feminist activists from all over Japan, is meant for use by women and men of all ages and backgrounds. It is currently being used in various places by women's groups, government offices, and schools. It is in Japanese language.

Kaleidoscope Primers-School texts for teaching gender equality, human rights and peace

Kaleidoscope Primers consist of 12 teaching materials for primary schools (Grades 1 to 6) and teachers' guides. They cover the issues of gender, human rights in general, and peace. They attempt to retrieve the culture of tolerance based on the recognition of life's richness and diversity, and also introduce the children to their own rights as individuals and as members of the human community. They address issues of right to life, safety, food, health, education, etc., and actively involve children in developing their learning and thinking processes. They use the participatory method, with discussions and group work with the children, as well as data identification and logic. A Teacher's Guide accompanies each primer, which should inspire teachers to include parallel material on given themes and exercises based on the formats in the primers. Kaleidoscope Primers are in English language.


This is a set of 2 VCDs on prevention of child sexual abuse, with accompanying written guide. The first VCD is an audiovisual recast of participatory dramas on sexual abuse prevention. It was produced to reach out to as many schools and states other than Penang. It has been used in training hundreds of school teachers and counselors. The second VCD is meant to reach a wider audience, particularly in rural areas. Both VCDs teach healthy and unhealthy ways of touching a person, and scenarios of adapted real life cases of sexual abuse. At the end of each scenario, members of the audience are asked what they will do in such cases, and teachers/counselors discuss preventive steps that can be taken. The VCDs are in Malay language while the guide materials are English and Malay languages.

Exhibit of materials

There is a plan to have a public exhibition in Osaka City of these materials along with the other entries in Awards 2004 and 2005. The exhibition, likely to take place in early December 2005, is part of the Sekai no Jinken Kyoiku Kyouzai Te n (Global Human Rights Education Materials Exhibition).

The award ceremonies may take place during the exhibition.

For further information, please contact HURIGHTS OSAKA.
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