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  5. Trafficking in Human Beings

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FOCUS September 2004 Volume 37

Trafficking in Human Beings


For so long, people who have been trafficked across national borders have been treated as violators of immigration laws. As a result, the traffickers escape from any form of responsibility, much less punishment. In this context, the seriousness of the problems trafficked people suffer from is largely ignored.

It is noteworthy that human trafficking has been getting much more attention now than before. The pressing issue is now how to deal with traffickers who should be brought to justice, and the victims whose rights were violated and need protection and redress.

The willingness of people to cross national borders for economic reasons should not be made prey to the vicious clutch of the traffickers. The current economic realities of the world require the movement of people across borders so that they can provide labor and services in places that need them. This legitimate movement of people should be protected rather than subjected to the pernicious attacks of traffickers, who are able to hide under a cover of legitimate labor import.

Only by respecting the human rights of the victims of trafficking will the crime of the traffickers be exposed. Only by giving trafficking victims (and would-be victims) the protection and support will governments be able to find solution to the problem.

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