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FOCUS March 1999 Volume 15

The 2nd International Youth Camp

Building Up a Rainbow Movement for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace

The second International Youth Camp (IYC) will be held on October 6 - 15, 1999 in Thailand. The first International Youth Camp, held in Kwangju (south Korea) last year, was created as a forum of solidarity in relation to the Kwangju massacre which contributed in bringing about a process of democratization in south Korea. The IYC aims to provide a venue for the youth to share their country's history, culture, national vision and contemporary challenges in building just, democratic and moral societies and a participatory democratic governance. IYC will lead to a common understanding of problems and create a point of unity for carrying out concrete forms of solidarity. The setting will hopefully provide a means for sharing experiences and ways of working together in response to the needs of common struggles.

Another objective of IYC is to share concrete experience and information on the exploitation and oppression of people in undemocratic societies. This theme is of particular interest following the Cold War when the so-called "new world order" with its "globalization" scheme encourages relentless competition at the expense of social justice, democracy and human life.

Youth are not only victims of human rights violations but also of the unfortunate economic circumstances caused by the so called "Financial Crisis" in Asia. It is an enormous challenge for the youth to affirm their role and to find ways to overcome the crude challenges posed to them and the people at large.

In the present era of human rights, justice, participatory democracy and people-centered development, the myths and mess created by some Asian government leaders, transnational corporations, international financial institutions put shame to humankind. A growing consciousness among the masses on human rights and democracy at this important juncture of the human history exists undoubtedly.

IYC have to be held in different Asian countries especially surrounding on the occasion of historical events which signify people's aspiration for human rights and democracy. Examples cited are People's Power in the October Democratic Uprising in Thailand in 1973 and the May Uprising in 1992, Philippines' People Power in February 1986, People's Uprising in Rangoon in August 1988, Tiananmen Massacre in China in 1989, Nepal Democratic change in 1990, and recently Indonesia in May 1998.

The 2nd IYC will be held during the time that Thailand commemorates its October Democracy Uprising (October 14,1973) and remembers the brutal massacre in October 6, 1976. The broad theme of the IYC will be Human Rights, Democratization and Peace.

The second IYC is being organized by Kwangju Citizens' Solidarity (Korea), Campaign for Popular Democracy (Thailand), Asian Cultural Forum on Development (ACFOD) and the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) For further information contact: P.O. Box 26, Bungthonglang, Bangkok 10242, Thailand, ph (66 2) 370 2701, 377 9357, fax: (66 2) 374 0464, e-mail: