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FOCUS March 1997 Volume 7

Asian Forum on International Migration Launched

A regional consultation on "The Impact of Trans-boundary Migration on Urbanization" held late last year led to the launching of an Asian Forum on International Migration. The consultation likewise came up with the following recommendations on potential areas of work:

  1. promotion of human rights element and responsibilities towards migrant workers and trafficked migrants as a result of urban development, particularly in the areas of entertainment;
  2. in-depth examination of existing instruments which govern the treatment of migrants and potential use of them. This should include research on a broad code of practice/guidelines for the treatment of migrant workers in respect of the provision of housing, health and social services;
  3. promotion of cross-country information dissemination and campaigns on bilateral or regional basis, including research and documentation on trends of migration and economic impacts in the region. Therefore, there is a need for the establishment of an up-to-date database information on the subject of regional and intra-regional migration through country reports and information sharing;
  4. support for empowerment of the migrant workers by creating a climate that will encourage self-reliance such as through savings and credit schemes, and skills development;
  5. use of community-centered approach both at local and global levels to breakdown misunderstanding and xenophobic approaches in dealing with migration situation;
  6. addressing the issues and problems of undocumented migrants including trafficked persons;
  7. provision of training and education for NGOs, semi and governmental agencies on specific issues affecting migrants. And creating partnerships between inter-governmental, governmental and non-governmental organizations working on migration and human settlements for service delivery;
  8. strengthening advocacy on the subject by incorporating and addressing the challenges through multi-dimensional and multi-sectorial approach. This should encourage partnership will all sectors of the community and government; and
  9. strengthening the existing networks of individuals, NGOs, CBOs, regional and international agencies working in the area of migration and migrants and enabling them to link-up with the broader community.

More than 40 participants from 15 countries representing national and regional NGOs and NGO coalitions working on the issue of migration and migrant workers, child labor, human trafficking, urban development, housing and human rights attended this consultation.

The consultation was organized by Asia-Pacific 2000/United Nations Development Program, Asian Migrant Centre and the Asian Cultural Forum on Development. It was held on December 13-15, 1996 in Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information, contact: Asia-Pacific 2000, UNDP - Wisma UN Block C, Kompleks, Pejabat Damansara, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel. (603) 255-9122/255-9133, fax (603) 255-2361, e-mail: