FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter, volume 105

The September 2021 (Volume 105) issue of the FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter has the following contents:

Remembering and the Future
Remembering painful experiences can mean reliving the horrors of the past. But such remembrance can also be part of a process of healing psycho-emotional wounds, of closing a chapter in life and of paying tribute to heroic actions of people.
- Editorial

Within and Beyond the Human Rights Museums: Kaohsiung City of Taiwan
This report explains the museums in Kaohshiung City that present and preserve the legacy and meaning of historical events in the life of the people in the city, which also influenced the history of Taiwan as a whole.
- Elsa Wen-Ying Hsu

Liberation War Museum
This article explains the Liberation War Museum and its activities aimed at ensuring that people in Bangladesh remember and learn from the struggle towards national independence during the war for liberation in 1970s.
- Mofidul Hoque

Stateless Second Generation Nikkeijins in the Philippines
This is a short report on the many children born in the Philippines before and during the second World War with Japanese fathers and Filipino mothers who want to become Japanese citizens. Some gained Japanese citizenship, but many others already in their 80s are still waiting to be recognized as Japanese.
- Philippine Nikkei-jin Legal Support Center

Zindagii Shoista (Living with Dignity): An Experiment on Community-based Initiative on Violence Against Women and Girls
This is a short report on the evaluation of a project in several villages in Tajikistan aimed at eliminating violence against women and girls using economic and family-centered approaches.
- Subhiya Mastonshoeva, Shahribonu Shonasimova, Parvina Gulyamova, Rachel Jewkes, Nwabisa Shai, Esnat Chirwa, Henri Myrttinen

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