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Single Female Workers in Osaka City: A Survey

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Kamagasaki: Renewing an Urban Poor Community

City and the Urban Poor Community

Child Marriage in Indonesia: Resolving an Issue (2019)

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Marriage Immigrants in Taiwan (2017)

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Government and the Media [editorial] (2018)

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Issues and Tasks: Human Rights in Asian Business (2017)

Business, Human Rights and Access to Justice (2017)

Addressing Human Rights Issues [editorial] (2017)

6th World Human Rights Cities Forum (2016)

Osaka City Ordinance Against Hate Speech (2016)

Deciding on Protection Pleas (2016)

Business, Human Rights and Refugees (2016)

Indonesians in Mindanao (2016)

Home and Citizenship [editorial] (2016)

Vietnamese Boat People: 40 Years Later (2015)

New Boat People: The Rohingyas (2015)

Citizenship (editorial) (2016)

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14th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights (2015)

Death Penalty in Central Asia (2015)

Chinese Residents in Osaka: Facing a Dilemma (2012)

Combatting Sex Trafficking in Japan (2012)

Accountability and Protection (editorial) (2012)

People with Different Situations and Needs (editorial) (2012)

Map Ta Phut: Thailand's Minamata? (2012)

Death Penalty in Japan (2012)

Freedom of Information in the Pacific (2012)

Online [editorial] (2012)

Zainichi Firipin-jin: Status and Hardships (2011)

Culture of Violence [editorial] (2011)

Kazakhstan: Universal Periodic Review (2010)

Human Rights and the Osaka Prefectural Government (2010)

Impact on the Ground [editorial] (2010)

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Human Rights Statement from Asia (2O10)

Seminar on Japan's Report on ICERD (2010)

Law, Jurisprudence and Human Rights in Asia (2010)

Role of Law [editorial] (2010)

Korea's City of Human Rights: Gwangju (2010)

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