FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter, volume 107

The March 2022 (Volume 107) issue of the FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter has the following contents:

Finding a Place of Safety
Communities of indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities in many cases survive in an environment of uncertainty. Their resilience has a high cost - they face displacement from the land they occupy, violence and lack of protection from the government.
- Editorial

Patterns in Hate Crimes Against Indian Christians

This is an excerpt from a report on the increasing number of attacks on Christians in Karnataka state in India. It presents cases of the attacks by groups that promote the idea of India as a country with only one religion or spiritual belief, Hindu.

  • People's Union for Civil Liberties

The Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamirs: A Resilient Community in a Harsh Environment

This is a report on the situation of Kyrgyz people who migrated to the highlands in northeastern Afghanistan called pamirs. While many of them had repatriated to either Turkey or Kygyzstan, a small number has remained in the harsh conditions of the pamirs, and now face a new political reality in Afghanistan.

- Tobias Marschall

Critiquing the Colonialist Origins of the New National Museum Upopoy

This is a commentary on the newly established museum about the Ainu in Hokkaido. The commentary notes the absence of exhibits that recognize the injustice done to the Ainu by the wajin or Japanese in terms of displacement and discrimination since the 19th century.

- Mashiyat Zaman, Leni Charbonneau and Hiroshi Maruyama

Cooperation, Reconciliation and Self-reflection: A few thoughts on the NUG and ethnic minorities in post-coup Myanmar

This article discusses the contradictory situation of pro-democracy groups fighting the military junta and maintaining alliance with ethnic minorities for the same purpose, without addressing the ethnic minority issue including that of the Rohingyas.

- Yaolong Xian

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