FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter, volume 104

The June 2021 (Volume 104) issue of the FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter has the following contents:

Exacerbated Misery
COVID-19 can infect anyone - rich or poor, man or woman, young or old, regardless of skin color, country, religious belief or political opinion. Some are infected more seriously than others.
- Editorial

COVID-19 in North and Central Asia: Impacts, Responses & Strategies to Build Back
This is an excerpt from a report on the COVID-19 situation in Central Asia issued in February 2021.
- UNESCAP Subregional Office for North and Central Asia

Migrant Workers in Singapore: An Update
This an edited excerpt from the report submitted by two non-governmental organizations (the authors) for the third cycle of Universal Periodic Review of Singapore in 2020.
- HOME and TWC2

Kalash Community Under Threat
This a presentation on the issues facing the Kalash community in Pakistan that threaten its existence as an indigenous community.
- Sayed Gul Kalash

Chosen-seki as Stateless Residents: Is Their Social Integration in Japan Possible?
This is a discussion of the situation of Korean residents in Japan, with a specific focus on those who refused to become citizens of either South or North Korea, or to become naturalized Japanese citizens.
- Soo im Lee

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