FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter, volume 103

The March 2021 (Volume 103) issue of the FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter has the following contents:

Labor, Social, and Environmental Risks in Small-scale Informal Logging in Northern Burma
This is an excerpt from the report on the study of informal logging in northern Burma that looked at the exploitation of workers, including children and women.
- Verité

Rapid Assessment: COVID-19 Impact on Persons With Disabilities
This is a summary of the report on the assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on persons with disabilities in Indonesia.
- Jaringan DPO Respon COVID Inklusif

VAW in Cambodia
This is a discussion on the current problem of violence against women in Cambodia.
- Joanna Higgs

Japan Platform for Migrant Workers towards Responsible and Inclusive Society
This is a presentation on the establishment of a network of people working in companies and industrial associations, researchers and lawyers and which aims to improve the situation of migrant workers in Japan.
- Nobuya Takai

Seminar on "Participation of the Civil Society in UN Human Rights Mechanisms"
This is a report on the seminar launching the book of Mr John P. Pace.

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The 10th volume of Human Rights Education in Asia-Pacific is finally in print. The volume includes articles on community-based educational initiatives alongside film festivals and formal education programs.

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