FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter, volume 102

The December 2020 (Volume 102) issue of the FOCUS Asia-Pacific newsletter has the following contents:

COVID-19 and Belt and Road: Some of the Issues Impacting Business and Human Rights

This is a short review of the situation in Asia regarding business activities and government responses to such activities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 - Surya Deva

Japan's National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights: An Unfinished Project

This is an introduction to the issues and process of developing the national action plan of Japan on business and human rights.

 - Hideki Matsuoka

Analysis of India’s Responsible Business Framework

This is discussion on the Indian national policies related to business and human rights and the laws that negate these policies as they adversely affect vulnerable sectors.

- Namit Agarwal

COVID-19: Community Insights from AsiaPacific

This is an excerpt of a summary report on a perception survey on the COVID-19 pandemic in several Asian countries,including perception on people being seen as responsible for the spread of the virus.

- Risk Communication and Community Engagement Working Group


The whole file of the newsletter as well as individual files of the articles are now available online (

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