Northeast Asia

Human Rights Education in Japan: Overview

Nishiyodogawa: Community Struggle on Right to Health

Pilot Refugee Resettlement Program: Japan Experience

Vietnamese Boat People: 40 Years Later

Death Penalty: Fig Leaf for Government's Incompetenc

More Care, Less Tragedy: Left-behind Children in China

Right to Land and the Ainu

Human Rights and Cyber Hate Speech: The Case of the Ainu

20th Anniversary of HURIGHTS OSAKA

Support for Non-Japanese Residents in Japan (2013)

Chinese Residents in Osaka: Facing a Dilemma

Combatting Sex Trafficking in Japan

Detention Centers and Prisons in Japan (editorial)

International Pressure (editorial)

The Hague Convention and Japan: Some Issues

Zainichi Firipin-jin: Status and Hardships

Human Rights and the Osaka Prefectural Government

Seminar on Japan's Report on ICERD

Korea's City of Human Rights: Gwangju

Life as Dekkasseguis: The Brazilian Community in Japan

Jiichiro Matsumoto: Peacenik?

International Workshop on Current Buraku Issues

The Everyday Life of Muslims in Japan

Japan and Sexual Minorities

Present-Day Buraku Discrimination

Minorities in Japan

Japan's Initial Report to the Committee against Torture

Japan: Domestic Violence Prevention Act Amended

Japan: Juvenile Law Amended Again

Japan: Child Abuse Prevention Law Amended

Combating Discrimination on the Internet in Japan

Japan Signed Convention on Enforced Disappearance