Child Marriage in Indonesia: Resolving an Issue (2019)

The Evolution of Strategic CSR through SDGs (2018)

Human Rights Abuses in Business Activities (2018)

Disability, SOGIE and Equality in Asia (2018)

Addressing the Situation of LGBT Children (2018)

Narrowing Gaps, Linking Rights [editorial] (2018)

Bonded Labor in India: Persistent and Difficult (2018)

Foreigners and Human Rights [editorial] (2017

Business and Human Rights Compliance (2018)

The Labor Movement in Malaysia (2017)

Osaka City Ordinance Against Hate Speech (2016)

Japan's Hate Speech Elimination Law (2016)

Deciding on Protection Pleas (2016)

Business, Human Rights and Refugees (2016)

Indonesians in Mindanao (2016)

Home and Citizenship [editorial] (2016)

Biharis: On Becoming Citizens of Bangladesh (2016)

Vietnamese Boat People: 40 Years Later (2015)

New Boat People (editorial) (2015)

Citizenship (editorial) (2016)

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More Care, Less Tragedy: Left-behind Children in China (2015)

Right to Land and the Ainu (2015)

Human Rights Events in the Asia-Pacific (2015)

Persons with Disabilities in Vanuatu (2015)

Disabling Social Environment (2015)

Chinese Residents in Osaka: Facing a Dilemma (2012)

Combatting Sex Trafficking in Japan (2012)

People with Different Situations and Needs (editorial) (2012)

People with Different Situations and Needs (editorial) (2012)

The Hague Convention and Japan: Some Issues (2011)

Zainichi Firipin-jin: Status and Hardships (2011)

Beyond the Right to be Heard [editorial] (2011)

Being Indigenous (editorial) (2010)

Human Rights and the Osaka Prefectural Government (2010)

Organized Move [editorial] (2004)

Human Rights and Migrants [editorial] (2009)

Nothing About Us Without Us [editorial] (2009)

Women's Rights in the Backburner? (2008)

Our Minorities [editorial] (2006)

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