Living with the Past (1997)

Japan and Sexual Minorities (2008)

Bangladesh and Persons with Disabilities

Employment Measures for Persons with Disabilities in Japan

Peasants and their Human Rights

Peasants Situation and Human Rights in Sri Lanka

Struggle for Land in Kerala

Sumilao Land Struggle

Indonesian Peasants Today

Stigma and Discrimination

AIDS-related Discrimination in Asia

Stigma and Discrimination against PHAs: Some Cases

Children's Rights in Northeast Asia

Children as Partners (editorial)

Human Rights of Children in Cambodia: Focus on Trafficking

Violence Against Women: Bangladesh Context

Emerging Indigenous Peoples Movements in Indonesia

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact

Struggling for Housing Rights in Asian Cities

Not Toy Soldiers: Children in Armed Conflicts

Trafficking, Migration, and Gender Insecurity

Malaysian Plantation Workers

Human Rights, HIV and the Migrant Workers

Protecting Foreigners in Japan: Some Proposals

Rights of Disabled Persons and Japan

Colloquium on Gender Justice and Personal Laws

ILO Standards in Asia

Working Children

Child Labor in Asia: A Review

Child Labor and India's Football-making Industry

Reflections on Women and Violence in Bangladesh

Malaysian Plantation Workers and Judicial Recourse

Asia-Pacific Women's Informatization Networks

APF Workshop on Women's Rights

Out of School (editorial)

The Contending Discourses on Women in Iran - Part 2

The Contending Discourses on Women in Iran, Part 2

Continuing Injustice

In the Name of the Indigenous Peoples (1997)

Japan and Multiculturalism

Culture, Women and Human Rights

Crisis in the Chittagong Hill Tracts - Bangladesh

Asian Forum on International Migration Launched

Collective Rights in Asia

Human Rights Situationer in the Pacific

APWSL Japan Revitalizes

Rights of Women Migrant Workers

Globalization and Migrant Workers

Asian Summit on Child Rights and the Media

Human Rights Across the Borders

Migrant Workers and Human Rights

Refugees in Asia: A Human Rights Understanding

Report on a New Policy for the Ainu: A Critique

Bhutan: Human Rights in Peril

Workers' Rights in the Age of Free Trade